I help gaming companies
improve live viewership.

Are you missing out on audience engagement?

In today’s livestreaming landscape, having your game streamed to thousands of viewers isn’t enough to turn heads anymore. Your game needs to stand out from the crowd.

Viewers are no longer happy to just be passive consumers; they want control over their content. They wish for the ability to interact with and impact the game they are watching in a meaningful way.

Promoting games has never been more challenging.

To really put your game out there, you’re expected to do exceptional work. Since this is a huge undertaking, most companies usually reach for ‘sure things’: spending a ton of money on social ads, influencer campaigns, and so on.

Gamers are becoming more resistant to this sort of marketing. To genuinely reach them, you need to go all-out and provide a unique and engaging experience whenever they come into contact with your game. That includes when it’s being played live by content creators.

Livestreaming has exploded over the last two to three years, and ignoring the medium or providing low-effort solutions will no longer cut it. Games have evolved — so has the landscape in which they are played.

I can help.

To provide viewers with the engaging interactivity they crave, I create software solutions that bridge the gap between the streamer playing your game and their audience. These direct, intimate interactions will create a lasting impression on your game's viewers, and will entice new players into wanting to try your game themselves.

Existing players will start finding themselves in a play/watch loop — they play, then watch live content and engage with the stream (like receiving in-game loot, or impacting the game in a meaningful way), making them want to play your game again.

Some examples of possible viewer interactions:

  • Influencing the game directly: controlling enemies or allies, spawning bosses or healing the streamer
  • Helping the streamer decide what to do: voting on dialogue options or what area to visit next
  • Challenging the streamer to perform certain tasks in your game
  • Familiarizing themselves with your game by browsing in-game knowledge and content through an extension: a lore codex or a skill tree calculator
  • Checking out the stats of a streamer playing a competitive game, and how they stack up against the viewer
  • Receiving custom rewards based on chat activity or time spent watching a game

I’m a gamer myself, so I know exactly what your audience wants. Rather than a generic web agency that does gaming projects on the side, I’m all-in on the gaming and streaming industry.

My mission is to create a truly awesome experience for your game's viewers, and to put gamers front and center — above all else.

Highlighted projects

Keep Watching and Nobody Explodes

A game-matched extension for the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. The extension allows streamers and their viewers to cooperatively play the game, something that wasn't possible before due to the concept of the game itself.



A Bits-monetized Twitch Extension that allows viewers to capture moments during a stream. When they press the BitSnap button, a still frame of the stream is generated which they can annotate (like Snapchat/Instagram stories).